Why inBar

  • Right message, right person, right app
  • Relevant, immediate and personal
  • Advanced location and segmentation
  • Second screen capable
  • Compliments mixed media
  • Turnkey campaign launch
  • Experienced ROI delivery

Power Brand Experiences Such as ...

  • Smart Jukebox Interactions that suggest songs or offer credits
  • Safe ride deals based on context, like being in the bar for 3+ hours
  • Extra swipes in your dating app
  • Drink specials for checking your fantasy football scores during the game
  • Exclusive playlists or AR/camera filters just for being there

Brands can now engage patrons on their most personal device, precisely when they’re enjoying a night out. inBar™ will have the power to turn phones into an “AI assistant” — waking up proactively when consumers need it most to facilitate hyper-relevant, second-screen experiences.

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